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The Microsoft Teams certification path has been completed at MeasureUp!

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MeasureUp can now be your guide on your way to achieving any of the certifications for Microsoft Teams. Last month we completed the learning path from Associate to the Specialty level.

MeasureUp uses Microsoft’s official practice tests for your exam training, so you can benefit from the most up-to-date content which is fully aligned with the official Microsoft exam. So just enjoy your learning, don't give up and remember that great things take time. Go for it!

The importance of Microsoft Teams for companies

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based platform whose main objective is team collaboration. Teams is part of the Microsoft suite of products. Its main function is as a business messaging tool that allows real-time communication and collaboration between users inside and outside the organization.

Microsoft Teams is integrated with a large number of traditional Microsoft Office 365 applications that allow you to share documents, calls, and audio and video meetings. Microsoft Teams is becoming ever more popular with companies of all sizes and they use this platform to manage all types of projects with a high level of collaboration between their various teams. Users can be located in the same office or choose to work remotely. They can access Teams on computers or mobile devices.

At MeasureUp we want to show you how you can boost your career with a certification and become a Microsoft Teams rock star!

Looking for Microsoft Teams certification exams? Here’s everything you need:

MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams

This exam measures your ability to perform the following technical tasks: plan and configure a Microsoft Teams environment; manage chat, teams, channels and apps; manage calling and meetings; and monitor and troubleshoot a Microsoft Teams environment.

According to Microsoft: “Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Teams administrators who manage Microsoft Teams to facilitate efficient and effective collaboration and communication in a Microsoft 365 environment.

Candidates for this exam must be able to plan, deploy, configure, and secure Teams chat, apps, channels, meetings, audio/video conferencing, live events, calling, and Microsoft Teams-certified devices. Candidates should have experience integrating Microsoft Teams with other workloads, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft 365 Groups, Power Platform, and with other Microsoft apps, third-party apps, and custom apps.

A Microsoft Teams administrator also collaborates other functions, such as networking, telephony, licensing, security, compliance, user adoption, app development, and support.”

This exam will evaluate the following skills:

  • Plan and configure a Microsoft Teams environment (35-40%)
  • Manage chat, teams, channels, and apps (25-30%)
  • Manage calling and meetings (15-20%)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot a Microsoft Teams environment (10-15%)

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MS-720: Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer

According to Microsoft: “Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Teams voice engineers that plan, design, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot integrated communications solutions at an organization. They must be able to translate business requirements into technical architecture and designs for communication solutions.

Candidates are familiar with telecommunication technologies and have experience with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and PowerShell. They must be able to deploy and configure Microsoft Teams Phone with PSTN connectivity through Direct Routing, Operator Connect, and Microsoft Teams Calling Plans. Candidates also manage devices certified for Microsoft Teams, audio/video conferencing, and voice migration.

Candidates collaborate with telephony providers and third-party vendors to enable advanced voice features in Microsoft Teams. They also work with administrators for other workloads, including networking, identity, licensing, security, and compliance.”

The MS-720 exam will evaluate the following skills:

  • Plan and configure Microsoft Teams Phone (25-30%)
  • Optimize network performance (5-10%)
  • Plan and configure Direct Routing (15-20%)
  • Configure and manage Microsoft Teams Phone for voice users (15-20%)
  • Plan and configure Microsoft Teams clients and devices (5-10%)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams Phone (15-20%)

You can prepare for your MS-720 certification exam with the Microsoft official practice test!

MS-740: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

This associate-level exam is aimed at engineers who support Microsoft Teams environments and have experience in dealing with Microsoft Teams, Azure and other aspects of the M365 environment.

According to Microsoft: “Candidates for this exam are support engineers who use advanced troubleshooting methods to support Microsoft Teams environments, analyze telemetry and log data, troubleshoot deployments, and tune performance. Candidates are expected to review logs and other data, infer the root cause of an issue, and provide a fix.

Candidates should have experience troubleshooting unified communications solutions with hands-on expertise specific to troubleshooting Microsoft Teams. In addition, candidates should have networking knowledge of Azure fundamentals, telephony, PowerShell, data storage technologies, APIs, app security, authentication and authorization, security, and compliance information, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring.”

This exam will evaluate the following skills:

  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams voice issues (15-20%)
  • Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Teams meetings and live events (20-25%)
  • Troubleshoot federation issues (10-15%)
  • Troubleshoot issues signing into Microsoft Teams (15-20%)
  • Troubleshoot teams and channels (10-15%)
  • Troubleshoot issues with files (15-20%)

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What the experts say:


“Unlike 10 years ago, working in the IT sector today poses the challenge of the constant need for the sector’s professionals to keep their knowledge up to date. Fortunately for those working with Microsoft Products, Platforms and Technologies such as Microsoft Teams, we have both very well-defined learning paths and certifications as well as the additional benefits provided by such Learning Partners as MeasureUp. I can attest to the quality of MeasureUp's constantly refreshed and reviewed Training Materials and Practice Tests.

Without a doubt, I not only recommend today's professionals to opt for certification as a key step in developing their career, but also to use the tools and resources that companies like MeasureUp make available to them. The world has changed for those of us who dedicate ourselves on a daily basis to this sector, but so have the resources and ability to adapt to these changes.”

Juan Carlos González Martín

Productivity & Cloud Advisor | Office Apps & Services MVP


“Practice, practice, practice. This is what I say to my students. You need hands on and you need to practice cases you did not see in your environment, you also need to measure your knowledge and your progress. How to practice and how to know the right solution?

MeasureUp offers practice tests for all of the exams mentioned before: MS-700, MS-720 and MS-740. A practice test gives you the baseline of understanding and will also present you a full exam-like environment. With practice test you will be helped to acquire new knowledge and you will better understand what you need to study and practice more, you will also understand how to manage time and stress during the exam.

MeasureUp practice test gives you the right answer with a full comprehensive and updated explanation. All the questions are provided, updated and corrected by SME!”

Luca Scarano

Technical consultant | System & Security Administrator