European ATP Conference in London

Our experience at the European ATP Conference

2022-10-14 07:12:00 45 view(s)

MeasureUp has attended the E-ATP 2022 conference, the largest assessment-focused community event in Europe, organized by the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) from October 11 to 13 in London. Here, we have joined industry leaders on a collective mission to build better and more equitable testing experiences


The E-ATP Conference

During the conference, we have demonstrated to the attendees how their companies can improve the pass rate for their certification programs by placing the student at the center of the process, using an approach whereby students learn from their mistakes, helping to build a positive mindset, which inevitably sets them up for success.

eatp conferenceeatp conference

One of the great moments of the conference came on Wednesday, with the session 'Not only what but how: The student at the heart of the certification', led by Sam Brocal and Rosa Torralba from our team and Liberty Munson, Director of Psychometrics at Microsoft. This session addressed the success that both organizations have been able to achieve over the years by using this student-oriented approach.

Sam Brocal and Rosa Torralba, our CEO and Content Manager respectively, explained how our practice tests help to build self-confidence, making students feel more relaxed and confident in their knowledge and ability when facing the exam. In the words of Rosa Torralba, "This is done by emulating the exact exam experience, with the same user interface, question types, difficulty, and time allotted. In this way, the student has a real feel for the official exam and once they see the exam after having passed the practice test, their confidence sky rockets.”

assessment of test publishersassessment of test publishers

In addition to the self-confidence gained by using a practice test that looks and feels like the real exam, the student can take advantage of a detailed discussion at the end of each question that explains why each answer option is either correct or incorrect, as well as a list of online references for further study. Rosa Torralba goes on to mention that “thanks to all of this, MeasureUp increases the student’s confidence, who, by practicing with such a real simulation of the official exam, becomes familiar in such a way that fears and insecurities gradually decrease".

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