Azure Data Analyst Associate certification

What is Microsoft’s new Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification all about and is it right for you?

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The Microsoft Azure certification path has long been one of the most in-demand learning paths in the industry, and the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification was incorporated earlier this year. To obtain this certification, you only need to pass one exam: the DP-500: Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI.

Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certificationAzure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification

Is the DP-500 worth taking?


The DP-500 exam falls into the data analyst route of the data family of the Azure certifications, alongside the PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst. In fact, it could be said that the DP-500 builds on knowledge learned from the PL-300, implementing it on a broader level for the designing of enterprise-scale analytics.

Both of these certifications are in high demand among employers, and budding data analysts (or those looking for a promotion) would do wisely to think about obtaining them. The average salary for data analysts in the USA is currently around $80,000. But the benefits don’t stop at an increase in salary, they also include the possibility to grow professionally, to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, and to gain a greater sense of confidence in your abilities.


What gap does this new certification fill and what makes it different from the PL-300?


The PL-300 certification is targeted at the departmental-level data analyst where you connect to applications data sources and build visualizations using the base capabilities of Power BI. Microsoft is seeing organizations adopting Power BI across their enterprise and this requires more interaction with Azure data services and in particular Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Purview.

Whereas the PL-300 certification requires knowledge of Power Query and basic DAX functions, the DP-500 expects a higher level of proficiency in DAX as well as in administering Power BI and deploying Power BI assets.


Who is the certification aimed at?


The DP-500 exam is aimed at those who have advanced knowledge of Power BI, including managing data repositories and data processing in the cloud and on-premises, along with using Power Query and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Candidates should also be able to perform advanced data analytics at scale, such as cleaning and transforming data, designing and building enterprise data models, incorporating advanced analytics capabilities, integrating with IT infrastructure, and applying development lifecycle practices.


How can you prepare?


Microsoft’s complete DP-500 learning path is a great way to start preparing for the exam. It will guide you through all of the different objectives that may appear on the exam, allowing you to learn for free and at your own pace. Also, practice tests have been proven to be a great way to learn and prepare for an exam. And Microsoft exams like the DP-500 are no different. The Microsoft official practice test supplied by MeasureUp has been carefully written by experts in in data analysis and in Microsoft examinations and reflects the material found on the official exam. Every question also comes with a detailed explanation section as well as references to pertinent Microsoft documentation for guided further study.

Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certificationAzure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification