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Join MeasureUp, official partner of Microsoft, and upskill your workforce with learning solutions from the developers of benchmark IT content for the some of the biggest names in IT.

Why choose our learning solutions?

MeasureUp is the leading provider of premium practice tests and assessments for IT professionals.

Empower your employees with our learning solutions

Help your employees be the best and most efficient version of themselves by giving them the confidence that comes from the training and evaluation produced by world-leading experts in pro-level IT subject matter.

Executive training

Improve your management team’s focus and facilitate more effective decision-making by accessing learning solutions and content about the newest, currently trending technologies, such as Power Automate and Dynamics 365.

Stay ahead of the game with our learning solutions

Invest in your organization’s future and get more for less. Our offers give you access to personalized packages of pro-level IT content at minimum cost. The more you purchase, the more benefits you receive and the less you pay.

Evaluate more efficiently with Microsoft Teams

Streamline Practice Test and Assessment launches in Microsoft Teams by using the MeasureUp App. Easily distribute the tests you want to make available and share them with team members on the go so they can start training immediately.

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