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Pedagoo solutions, powered by MeasureUp, easily adapt to your unique needs with customized content and reports specific to your organization. Contact us to discuss customized solutions for your business.

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What is an assessment platform?

Pedagoo, the formative assessment platform used by MeasureUp, comprises a set of tools for the self-publishing and distribution of practical assessments and tests.

Pedagoo is an assessment platform developed by the Media Interactiva Group, leader in the development of educational technology. The Media Interactiva Group, with over 15 years’ experience, focuses on the training and accreditation of digital skills, constructing a path towards training through technology.

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Who is our assessment platform for?

Discover how many sectors benefit from the solutions that Pedagoo has to offer.


Introduce continuous learning in your organization and help reduce the time needed for interiorisation and change management within your team with our technology.


Your teachers will be able to share questions and existing exams within the organization and also analyse the results in each of their classes in an automated way using our analytical reports.


Provide your organization with your own official practical tests to help your candidates through their certification journey, preparing them for the exam day by increasing their confidence.


Evaluate your candidates’ technical knowledge by creating your own questions and combining them with the available database of more than 23,000 existing MeasureUp®️ questions. We will help you select the ideal candidate, reducing the management time in the selection processes of your new incorporations.
Companies using Pedagoo

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Manage the complete evaluation process from a single elearning platform.
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