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The value of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is on the rise

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MeasureUp has just released its latest AWS practice test: the SAA-C03: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, which according to Global Knowledge occupies third position on the 15 top-paying certifications list. Holders of this certification average an annual salary of $159,003. In light of this new release, we’d like to discuss why the value of AWS certifications continues to rise.

The past few years have seen a rapid growth in companies moving their business operations and infrastructure to the cloud, with remote and hybrid working becoming the norm. Consequently, highly skilled professionals with the correct training are in increasing demand. And, according to Global Knowledge, organizations continue to value and recognize certifications such as AWS as a tangible demonstration of the skills and knowledge they are looking for. In fact, five of the top-paying certifications in 2022 are AWS, with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional taking the top spot.

AWS Certified Solutions ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions Architect

The different types of AWS certification


There are currently 11 certifications provided by AWS, being split between six core and five specialty certifications. The core path relates to different job roles (cloud practitioner, architect, sysops administrator, and developer) and covers different levels from fundamentals in the case of cloud practitioner and associate and professional for the remaining paths. The jump from the associate level to professional and specialty is considerable, placing professionals with these certifications in high demand, who can then command higher salaries.


Why are AWS certifications worth my while?


There are many reasons why AWS certifications are worth obtaining, including these four highlighted in the Global Knowledge survey.

1. Expertise in cloud computing has become a focus area for organizations.

2. Certified employees have become a competitive advantage, with many organizations now deciding to fund an employee’s examination.

3. The value of AWS certifications continues to rise. And as we have seen, five of the 15 top-paying certs are taken by AWS, including the top spot.

4. Certifications validate knowledge and expertise, with certified professionals seeing increased job performance.


How can I prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification ?


When it comes to passing certification exams, one proven technique to not only learn the material and increase your knowledge, but also to gain confidence in your ability to pass, is to take a practice test, and the different AWS exams are no exception.

The AWS practice tests created by MeasureUp, written and reviewed by experts in AWS certifications, reflect the material on the official exam. Every question also comes with a detailed explanation section as well as references to pertinent AWS documentation for guided further study. In fact, MeasureUp has just published its latest AWS certification: The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, which occupies third position on this year’s top-paying certifications list, with holders averaging a salary of $159,003. A free demo can be found on the MeasureUp website.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - AssociateAWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
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