Virtual Lab AWS CLF-C01: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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This series of Challenge Labs supports individuals who have beginning experience (at least 6 months) with AWS Cloud design, implementation, and/or operations, and can demonstrate an understanding of well-designed AWS Cloud solutions.

This series is comprised of over 25 challenges and contains over 12 hours of hands on practice and supports the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam competencies. 

IMPORTANT!!! 90 day use of license and 2 uses per challenge. Once you begin a challenge you will not be able to pause, save, or return to your progress. Please ensure you have set aside enough time to complete the challenge before you start

For more detailed information, please read the objectives, features, and view the video demo, for an in-depth explanation of the Virtual Lab.

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Before you or your students begin, please ensure you have set aside enough time to complete this challenge as you will not be able to pause, save, or return to your progress.

  • Getting Started – approximately 60 minutes to complete
  • Guided Challenge – approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • Advanced Challenge – approximately 45 minutes to complete
  • Expert Challenge – approximately 60 minutes to complete

The listing below shows which challenge(s) support the specified AWS CLF-C01: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. *Note: A Challenge Lab may support more than one competency.

AWS CLF-C01: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


Challenge Name Challenge ID
Build a Network by Using the VPC Wizard [Guided] AWS TE.1-001
Build VPC Resources Manually [Guided] AWS TE.1-002
Can You Build a Network Foundation in AWS? [Advanced] AWS TE.1-003
Configure an S3 Bucket and Website [Guided] AWS TE.1-004
Configure Data Transfer and Storage Options for an S3 Bucket [Guided] AWS TE.1-005
Can You Build a Website by Using an Amazon S3 Bucket? [Advanced] AWS TE.1-006
Connect to an EC2 Instance by Using RDP [Guided] AWS TE.1-007
Configure Storage by Using EBS [Guided] AWS TE.1-008
Create a Custom AMI by Using an Existing EC2 Instance [Guided] AWS TE.1-009
Create a Launch Template [Guided] AWS TE.1-010
Can You Implement a Repeatable Compute Layer by Using EC2? [Advanced] AWS TE.1-011
Getting Started with AWS Secure Architecture Configuration [Getting Started] AWS TE.2-000
Getting Started with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud [Getting Started] AWS EC2-000

Certfied Cloud Practitioner

Challenge Name Challenge ID
Getting Started with AWS Cloud Fundamentals [Getting Started] AWS CCP-000
Implement Elastic Load Balancing Between EC2 Instances [Guided] AWS CCP-001
Create EC2 Instances by Using Auto Scaling [Guided] AWS CCP-002
Can You Configure an Auto Scaling Group and a Load Balancer? [Advanced] AWS CCP-003
Implement the Simple Storage Service [Guided] AWS CCP-004
Implement Identity and Access Management [Guided] AWS CCP-005
Can You Secure Access to an S3 Bucket? [Advanced] AWS CCP-006
Implement a Network Access Control List [Guided] AWS CCP-007
Configure a Security Group [Guided] AWS CCP-008
Can You Implement Secure Access to a Service? [Advanced] AWS CCP-009
Can You Implement a Highly Available Website? [Expert] AWS CCP-010

Challenge Name Challenge ID
Getting Started with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) [Getting Started] AWS S3-000
Can You Serve a Simple, Static Website with S3? [Advanced] AWS S3-003
Configure Amazon S3 Event Logging and Handling [Guided] AWS S3-005
Can You Use Access Logging for Bucket Management and Monitoring? [Advanced] AWS S3-006
Create an Object Lifecycle Policy for Amazon S3 Documents [Guided] AWS S3-008
Can You Create a Website with Cross Region Replication and Logging? [Expert] AWS S3-010
Design a VPC and Associated Subnets [Guided] AWS NET-001
Establish Internet and NAT Gateways [Guided] AWS NET-002
Can You Design a Cloud Network by Using AWS? [Advanced] AWS NET-003

Challenge Name Challenge ID
Manage AWS Logs by Using CloudTrail [Guided] SOA.1-001
Can You Implement Metrics, Alarms, and Filters? [Advanced] SOA.1-007
Can You Remediate Issues by Using Monitoring and Metrics? [Advanced] SOA.1-011
Can You Configure a Resilient Website That Uses Monitoring and Automatic Remediation? [Expert]
Configure AWS Auto Scaling [Guided] SOA.2-001
Implement Caching in AWS by Using DAX [Guided] [Expert] SOA.2-002
Implement Scaling for an Amazon RDS Instance [Guided] SOA.2-003
Implement Health Checks by Using ELB and Route 53 [GUIDED] SOA.2-005

Please note that in order to guarantee that our products are up to date, the actual number of challenges may vary.