Private Label

There is no one size that fits all and that's why our assessments and certification practice tests can be custom-tailored without any hassle whatsoever. We will adapt to your needs and we can provide co-branded, private label websites, as well as customized practice tests and assessments. Or we can help you to create and host tests of your own.

Provide your own content, hosted by MeasureUp

You provide the testing content and MeasureUp can host it using our state-of-the-art test engine. Use the MeasureUp style for a co-branded website or keep the look and feel of your own company's website. Take advantage of MeasureUp's high-quality content to build and strengthen your company's brand.

LMS Integration

Do you have a Learning Management System (LMS)? MeasureUp products are designed to work with different types of LMS. Integrate our standard practice tests and assessments into your LMS, or let MeasureUp create custom practice tests and assessments to fit your needs. We provide the content any way you need it and we also offer reporting. Here at MeasureUp, we adapt to your needs.

Create a private label or MeasureUp content bundle

Combine MeasureUp practice tests with your own instructor-led training courseware, e-learning content, or self-study materials. Add value to your product with MeasureUp practice tests.

Bundle MeasureUp products with your own courseware

Enchance your courseware products or self-study guides by including MeasureUp certification practice tests. All our certification products are available for download and also online.

Develop Custom Content

Customize an existing MeasureUp product. Choose only the content you need from our extensive bank of questions to create a test specific to your company. Or create a blended test that contains both MeasureUp content and your own.

Need more information?

To learn more how your organization can private label MeasureUp solutions, contact our Sales Team.