PowerPoint 2016 English Practice Test

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The 77-729 Practice Test will prepare you to pass the MOS 2016 PowerPoint certification exam. By completing the tasks you will improve your practical skills in creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting text, shapes, and images, inserting tables, charts, SmartArt and Media, applying transitions and animations, and managing multiple presentations.

These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies tested on the Microsoft 77-729 certification exam.

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Learning objectives

Create and Manage Presentations.
Create a Presentation.
Insert and Format Slides.
Modify Slides, Handout, and Notes.
Order and Group Slides.
Change Presentation Options and Views.
Configure a Presentation for Print.
Configure and Present a Slide Show.
Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images.
Insert and Format Text.
Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes.
Insert and Format Images.
Order and Group Objects.
Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media.
Insert and Format Tables.
Insert and Format Charts.
Insert and Format SmartArt graphics.
Insert and Manage Media.
Apply Transitions and Animations.
Apply Slide Content.
Animate Slide Content.
Set Timing for Transitions and Animations.
Manage Multiple Presentations.
Merge Content from Multiple Presentations.
Finalize Presentations.

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W8.1 x64 X X X
MAC OSX 10.9 X X X
OSX 10.10 X X X
LINUX Linux x86 X X
Linux x64 X X
Surface Pro Windows 8 X X X
PlatformOperating SystemBrowser
Safari 8 Android Chrome 39 Internet Explorer RT Internet Explorer 11
iPad* IOS 8 X X
iPhone 5 or higher* IOS 8 X X
iPhone 4* IOS 7 X X
Android Tablet* 4.0 or higher X X
Android Phone* 4.0 or higher X X
Lumia 920 or higher* Windows Phone 8.1 X
Surface Windows RT X

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