Pearson Practice Test ITS-301: Information Technology Specialist HTML and CSS

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The ITS-301: Information Technology Specialist HTML and CSS practice test is designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the ITS-301 exam.

This exam is aimed at students who want to validate their skills.

Candidates should have foundational knowledge of HTML and CSS.

They should be able to document structure and do multimedia presentations using HTML, and style webpages using CSS. They should also be able to construct well-formed HTML and CSS markup, make it accessible and evaluate its structural integrity.

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Questions: 137
Release Date: 11/2021
Job Role: Student
Language: English

This test contains 137 questions and covers the following objectives:

  • HTML Fundamentals - 16
  • CSS Fundamentals - 18
  • Document Structure using HTML - 43
  • Multimedia Presentation using HTML - 13
  • Webpage Styling using CSS - 30
  • Accessibility, Readability, and Testing - 17
System Requirements