Pearson Assessment ITS-302: Information Technology Specialist JavaScript

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The ITS-302: Information Technology Specialist JavaScript assessment is designed to test your knowledge on the topics included in the ITS-302 exam.

This assessment is aimed at students who want to test their skills.

Candidates should have foundational knowledge of JavaScript.

They should be familiar with JavaScript operators, methods, keywords, variables data types and functions. They should also be able to build loops and decisions. Finally, they should have basic knowledge about the Document Object Model and HTML Forms.

This assessment contains 30 questions from the MeasureUp associated practice test. It does not include explanations or references as this is an assessment-only product.

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Questions: 30
Release Date: 11/2021
Job Role: Student
Language: English

This test covers the following objectives:

  • JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords
  • Variables, Data Types, and Functions
  • Decisions and Loops
  • Document Object Model
  • HTML Forms
System Requirements