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Media Guidelines

Brand and Logo Style Guide


The blue area indicates the minimum clear space around the logotype, which should be free of other symbols. The gray area shows the safe zone.

Color Guidelines

  • Pantone 7460
  • C100 M32 Y14 K0
  • #0083C1
  • R0 G131 B193

Suggestions for colors variations

When the brightness value of the background color exceeds 25% of the logotype’s color, change from Pantone Cool Gray 8C at 60% to white.

Fonts used

Alternative logo versions & guidelines

  • Minimum Logo Width - 35mm (35mm is the safest minimum size)
  • Favicon Web (Usually saved as a .ico at 16px)
  • Social Media Profile (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin...)

Examples of incorrect logo usage

Don't change the placing of the symbols

Don’t expand or distort the logo

Don’t change the size of the symbols

Don’t alter the color or font guidelines