Today we want to announce that we have started offering subscriptions to Challenge Labs, innovative, online, scored labs, in the form of Virtual Labs to give our learners extensive hands-on practice opportunities in a particular topic area.

These Virtual Labs consist of practical challenges given to the student, who desire a solution to practice and measure his or her skills. There are three levels of scored labs available: guided, advanced and expert, that align to vendors’ courses and exams.

One more step in our training offer

Our CEO Sam Brocal said that “our company trains 400,000 IT professionals around the world every year in digital skills. Our goal to provide them with the best tools to get certified. Challenge Labs, provided by Learn on Demand Systems, help candidates improve their digital skills. Therefore, our web offerings help professionals with the widest range of resources (practice tests, assessments, videos and now also Challenge Labs”.

“We are pleased to partner with MeasureUp to give learners additional hands-on experience to hone their tech skills and prepare for certification exams,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “As more and more companies incorporate performance-based testing into their certification exams, it’s crucial that learners have the ability to practice performing real-world tasks in live environments”.

About Learn on Demand Systems

Learn on Demand Systems, an Inc. 5000 company, empowers organizations to accelerate technology learning through hands-on experience and skills validation. Its platforms enable organizations of all sizes, including industry leaders Microsoft, AWS, Global Knowledge, New Horizons, and Pearson VUE, to deliver hands-on challenge-based learning, learning management, performance-based testing and badging solutions to customers, partners, and staff.

Learn on Demand Systems’ innovative challenge labs are paving the way for the broad adoption of performance-based testing across the IT training and certification industry.