The current situation caused by the coronavirus is affecting everyone, and official certifications are no exception. As PMP partners, MeasureUp wants to make sure you are aware of of the latest updates related to the PMI exam.

PMI launched online proctored testing (OPT) for the PMP certification so candidates can now take the exam online from the convenience of their home or office.

For candidates who already scheduled the exam but are unable to take it due to health restrictions or delays with training, PMI will offer you to reschedule your exam and will automatically extend your exam eligibility until January 18, 2021. All paid fees will be eligible for a refund and you will be able to reschedule without accruing penalty fees until July 1, 2020.

For all PMP candidates,PMI is extending access to the current PMP exam until 31 December 2020 and postponing the launch of the new PMP exam until January 2,2021.

4 benefits of PMP certification

Boost your professional career: The PMP certification course is an international accreditation and is recognized by the entire business community globally. Companies are always looking for Project Managers certified as PMP, because it guarantees that whoever holds this title, truly possesses the knowledge and practical ability to manage projects, endorsed by the seriousness and rigor with which PMI examine.

Improve your skills as a manager: All technical profiles such as engineers, programmers, financial, commercial, and executives, spend a period of learning and development in their specialties, but there comes a time when they need to open their field of action, both to be more versatile and productive, as to improve their position and responsibilities. And in this sense, the PMP certification brings that great benefit of adding and improving skills and knowledge.

Expand your professional possibilities: The PMP certification is a great help for those who want to work in global organizations that work for different parts of the world, because the PMI methodology, being the common language at the international level, is a very demanding requirement.

Increase your salary: Project managers certified as PMP earn more than non-certified project managers. There are many surveys that indicate that PMPs earn a salary of at least 20% more than others without certification.

Get ready with MeasureUp

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