What’s new in IT certifications?

We bet you are all aware of the role-based certification trend. We are witnessing how IT certification is turning towards a role-based model. Over the last years, many vendors have decided to evaluate their candidates based on whether they can perform a task rather than testing their general knowledge.

Going a step beyond this, is the switch from basing the testing on how individuals can use a technology, to measuring how skilled individuals are for a specific job role within the organization and narrowing the gap between what they learn, and what they need to perform in a particular role.

This approach is to train individuals that are ready and prepared for specific job roles. MeasureUp can help individuals prepare by ensuring that their practice materials match the new emphasis on roles and levels of expertise from fundamentals, through associate, expert, and specialty levels.

How does this trend affect certification exams?

Back in July 2018, Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest IT certification leaders, first announced its new role-based paths and the upcoming changes with the retirement of the MCSE, MCSD, and MCSA certifications (officially retiring in January 2021). As time went by, the IT giant has slowly been adding transitional role-based certification paths:


With this method, exam objectives focus on role-based tasks rather than technology-based tasks. As a result, exam content becomes increasingly more task-oriented adding performance-based questions or virtual labs where candidates need to resolve a situation in a technical environment based on a particular role, by applying their knowledge.

About MeasureUp

MeasureUp a company belonging to Media Interactiva, is a world leader in practice tests and assessments for ICT sector certifications. MeasureUp has more than 200 titles, which makes it easy for its customers to train remotely for certification exams with major technology companies. These include Microsoft, which uses MeasureUp as sole provider of practice tests, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, PMI, or VMWare, among others.

MeasureUp practice test content is based on the objective domains of the official exams and is continuously being updated to be in line with the latest version of the certification exams. Candidates taking a practice test will find a recreation of the exam and will learn how to apply their knowledge in a technical environment rather than being evaluated by means of knowledge-level question types. MeasureUp assessments help candidates to measure their technical skills and to be prepared to apply for specific job roles. We offer more than 200 products with various difficulty levels. MeasureUp will soon be enabling individuals by bundling and aligning packages of practice exams, assessments, virtual labs, and online training options, to help individuals along their journey.

We want to help people to better prepare for both the official exams and their jobs.

When taking an exam, candidates feel more self-confident if they have used MeasureUp as part of their learning material. The content of our practice tests simulates the real exam without compromising the integrity of the exam. In addition, the explanations that are provided with each question aid the candidate’s ability to internalize and understand the concepts instead of memorizing information.

As a result, candidates feel more confident and show less anxiety, which leads to higher pass rates. With this methodology, MeasureUp guarantees the success rate of candidates taking the exam.

How do we create our products?

MeasureUp practice tests and assessments, are authored, edited, and tech reviewed in Pedagoo, Media Interactiva’s formative assessment tool.


Pedagoo offers easy to use, cost effective content creation solution. MeasureUp team of SME’s create the content directly in the platform. The pedagoo custom workflows, easily allow the content to pass from SME, to tech reviewer, to editor in a managed environment until completion. Totally online, nothing to install, and easy to learn, it allows for a good flow and management of the process, easily accommodating multiple individuals in the process.

Authors can choose among more than fourteen different question types, the ability to provide complete explanations for every single question and allows the inclusion of references or other assets which provide additional information. Additionally, every question is marked with a difficulty level and tags that come into play with other components of the tool,

Pedagoo allows anyone to create their own content in order to prepare and evaluate their candidates. It is a tool not only for IT field but for anyone who wants to create an assessment or practice test such as recruitment agencies, training centers, schools, and companies in general. Pedagoo also provides a suite of reporting tools where scores are saved, and data analytics can be managed. The final product is easily moved to production and delivered via the platform.

Continuous improvement

We are continuously improving pedagoo by adding new ICT tools and features that can easily be adapted to the needs of students and users. Our main goal? Offering a powerful platform that is very easy to use, visually attractive, predictive and accessible for anyone who wants to create their own content to prepare and evaluate candidates.

Innovation, passion for what we do and believing in ourselves to improve our future.

There is so much more yet to come! Do you want to be part of this journey? We are looking for people to continue growing as a team. Come and join us, we are waiting for you!