MeasureUp achieved a 16% growth in the first half of 2020 despite the COVID-19 crisis and has improved its forecasts for the second part of the year. This good performance by the company is due, among other factors, to the improvements made in recent months.

Among these, it is worth mentioning that MeasureUp has not only included the identification of technology skills according to manufacturers, but also according to the professions in which a person wishes to train for, technology screening and levels of certification, in an era in which technology-related jobs are increasingly in demand.

Any user can in this way gain access from the company's website to the path with the necessary skills, organized by levels, to train as a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Developer, DevOps Engineer, Functional Consultant, Security Engineer, Solution Architect, Network Engineer, Network Analyst, System Administrator, Linux Administrator, Cybersecurity Analyst or Project Manager, among others.

With these learning paths, MeasureUp has responded to user demand and the trends of large manufacturers, such as Microsoft, which are increasingly looking for role-based paths.

Other improvements also implemented during the first half of the year include the opening of new markets, especially in European countries; the optimization of user website experience and improved conversion supported by marketing automation technologies and analysis solutions.

Media Interactiva CEO, Sam Brocal, points out that "the coronavirus has been a surprise for everyone", which must be overcome, from a business point of view, "with new actions aimed at our customers". He thus suggests the need for companies to be able to react, as Media Interactiva has done, because "waiting for the situation to change can be a fundamental mistake. Companies need to adjust what they do, and how they do it. 

Jesús Sierra, Media Interactiva Chief Marketing Officer, points out that "the COVID-19 crisis has had a negative impact at all levels, but the Media Interactiva group has a great advantage in this respect in that all its lines of business are perfectly adapted to the digital environment".

Half a million visitors

Thanks to this capacity to react, MeasureUp had over 500,000 visitors to its website in the first half of the year, slightly more than the figure recorded for the same period in 2019, and it has marketed its products in over 100 countries (102) on all five continents. The top ten countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Finland, Spain, Germany, France and Sweden.

As for the age groups of its users, the most numerous group is made up of young people between 25 and 34 years of age, being almost 35% of the total; followed by people between 35 and 44 years of age (32%) and young men and women between 18 and 24 years of age, who make up the profile preparing for their first incursion into the world of work and who make up more than 16% of the total. One striking detail from the data is that 4% of people over 65 are interested in digital skills.

As for gender, 77% of users in the first half of the year were men and 23% women.

One of the greatest efforts made by MeasureUp is the constant updating of content to adapt to technology changes at large companies such as Microsoft – where it is the exclusive provider of practice tests, Amazon Web Services (AWS); Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, PMI or VMWare, among others. 41 titles have thus been added to the training offer in the first half of this year, including new features and updates. Thanks to this effort and its cutting-edge learning methodologies, MeasureUp can offer guaranteed success in the official certification exam as one of its benefits to customers.

The most in demand technologies in the first half of this year featured those related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams, technologies that have been widely used during this boom period of teleworking caused by the COVID-19. Along with these, the trends continue to be Azure technologies (Cloud-related), Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

New features for the second half of the year: Pedagoo and Bundles

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, the company’s prospects look good, in line with the performance of recent months, and it plans to introduce several new items. One of the most important milestones will be the marketing of Pedagoo, the technology platform focused on training assessment from the Media Interactiva Group that supports MeasureUp practice tests, in the B2B market. Companies interested in developing their own training solutions will therefore be able to use Pedagoo to do so with the guaranteed quality and success offered by this platform. Pedagoo currently provides services to companies, educational establishments or human resources areas, among others, that benefit from its own training assessment methodology.

Other new features in the second half of the year will focus on improving user experience from a technological point of view and others will focus on making it as easy as possible to choose training titles. Learning paths or bundles will therefore be marketed; packages in which users can acquire all the training they need to qualify for a certain position. This is another step in the role-based profiles already offered through the website.

Practice tests

MeasureUp titles are practice tests, i.e. training assessment tools in which students learn while assessing their skills. They can in addition be used in two ways: in certification mode, with very similar conditions to those in the exam, or in practice mode, with the possibility of gathering explanations of the correct and incorrect answer choices and focusing on those aspects that need reinforcement.

In addition to the tests, MeasureUp included online assessments in 2020, a new tool that includes the main fundamentals of the exam, allowing the student to measure their level of knowledge about the certification in question and, if they are not sufficiently prepared, to proceed to purchase a practice test.

In addition to these training methods, MeasureUp has begun to market two other solutions from its website this year: on the one hand, virtual laboratories - thanks to the alliance with the company Learn On Demand Systems - which provide a virtual recreation of the technological environment a person will face at work and, on the other hand, Video Training from the company ITProTV, which allow you to learn ICT skills as if you were in a classroom, with 4,000 hours of training video content.