Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications that helps companies and other organizations transform their business, manage business processes, have central access to data, and ultimately make better decisions.

There are over thirty separate apps under the Dynamics 365 brand, which was formed from Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Although Microsoft has worked hard to merge these apps, the Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP are still different. Therefore, we will discuss what the CRM heritage apps are and how you can go about learning them.


dynamics 365 crm


What are the Dynamics 365 CRM apps?


The Dynamics 365 CRM apps are:

  • Sales – Sales manages customer relationships, handles collaboration and communication, and tracks the sales pipeline.
  • Marketing – Marketing creates B2B automated marketing campaigns and generates sales-ready leads.
  • Customer Service – Customer Service handles service issues efficiently and empowers agents to deliver value to customers.
  • Field Service – Field Service manages the scheduling and delivery of service at customer sites.

There are also other related applications, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, that are used along with Dynamics 365 apps.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM training


Although Dynamics 365 apps are relatively easy to use, setting up and configuring the apps for a successful implementation requires a deeper understanding of their functionality and capabilities.

Microsoft offers associate-level exams for each of the four Dynamics 365 CRM apps. Since the exams are at the associate level, they require both study and hands-on experience of the app. The examinations are also role-based, meaning that the questions target specific job roles such as the functional consultant or business analyst that is involved in implementing the app.

As a consequence, you really need to understand the business processes that the app covers as well as having knowledge of how to configure and customize the app, how to create and amend the processes in the app, how to add data to the app, and how to generate analysis and outputs from the app using Microsoft Office tools and Power BI.

If you are completely new to Dynamics 365, however, we recommend that you begin with the Dynamics 365 Fundamentals course and exam (MB-901) before progressing to the above-mentioned associate-level certifications. Microsoft offers the following learning path for Dynamics 365 Fundamentals, where you can learn online at your own pace.

When learning about Dynamics 365 apps, you can choose from several different ways to learn. The most important thing by far, however, is to get hands-on experience with the apps. To this end, Microsoft suppliestrial environments for you to explore and learn. You can sign up here for a trial or follow the instructions.

Microsoft Learn is a free online training website that has many different learning paths and modules for Dynamics 365. Full documentation for the apps can be found here.This is great for referencing and finding out more on a specific topic, but it is not intended to be a resource to sit down with and to use to learn about the apps.

In addition to all this, there is a very strong community around Dynamics 365, and you will easily be able to find study groups for exams, meetups, and events such as 365 Certification Saturday. One of the best ways to find study resources is to use the #MSDyn365 hashtag on social media.


Dynamics 365 practice tests from MeasureUp


Finally, you can choose to use the Microsoft official practice tests provided by MeasureUp. The practice tests follow the exact same format as Microsoft exams, including the same question types. They are set at the same level as the real exam and include the same weighting of objectives to make sure that they replicate the actual exam as much as possible.

One of the best ways to use a practice test is to run it in study mode and select the show the answer after each question choice. This mode not only allows you to see the correct answer but also to see a full explanation of each correct and incorrect answer option. There are also links to Microsoft and other websites to help you learn more about the topics of the question.

You can also take the exam in certification mode, which lets you get a real feel for the exam and can help you judge when you are ready to take it.

At MeasureUp, we have 6 Microsoft official practice tests for Dynamics 365 CRM certifications: