In today’s working environment, there are many professionals asking themselves the same question: How to get IT certifications?

As IT and communication technologies expand and develop, IT companies have begun to recognize and emphasize the value of certified professionals. There is a simple reason for this: IT certifications assures them that a professional meets an industry-recognized standard and is up to date with the latest developments.


Some facts to know about IT certifications


If you are still not convinced, here are 6 facts you should know about IT certifications that will surely make you want to get certified:

  1. IT certifications are formal and international recognitions that validate that a professional has mastered a particular technology, according to the standards of the company that issues that technology.
  2. IT certifications are very important for companies. According to various reports, 86% of companies prefer to hire personnel with IT training as this ensures above-average results and a competitive advantage over their competition.
  3. IT training provides countless benefits to the professional:
    • Certified professionals have a 60% chance of improving their job position.
    • Salaries of certified people can be up to 5 times higher than those of their uncertified peers.
    • 91% of human resources offices consider that having certifications is critical in the selection process.
    • A certification is a competitive advantage in a strong market.
  4. Similarly, organizations also gain by having certified personnel in their ranks, which is why they are increasingly investing in internal training:
    • Certified professionals solve problems with 47% greater efficiency than their uncertified peers.
    • Work teams with certified professionals obtain 75% better results and reduce work time by 18%.
    • Customers are 66% more satisfied with a certified service.
  5. IT certifications are internationally recognized and do not require any academic degree.
  6. Although there are many technology certifications, some of the most recognized and rewarded worldwide are: Microsoft Certifications, Cisco Certifications, PMP certification, AWS Certifications, CompTIA Certifications.


How to get IT certifications? Follow these tips


The best advice to prepare for an exam is to dedicate enough time and dedication to ensure you pass.

The key is to take it seriously, and to make sure to spend some time reading the exam documentation (test questions, policy, methodology) before even considering purchasing a reservation.

Look into specialized internet forums or approach certified professional colleagues for impressions of the exam. This will help you to see if the certification you are considering really covers a gap that you may have in your preparation, or if it will bring you closer to your professional objectives.

On the day of the exam, a good idea is to use the certification’s feature of marking questions for later review. This tip is very common in exam platforms and will be a helpful trick to allow you to go faster through a first review of the exam, while efficiently managing your time.

In addition, examinations often include useful information among later questions that could help you to answer other questions you are unsure about.


IT Practice Tests: The key to getting your certification


how to get it certifications


IT practice tests are one of the most effective study methods when preparing for a certification exam. In fact, some studies show that practice tests can increase your accuracy on the final exam by 33-38%.

Knowing the types of exam questions beforehand, along with the explanations for each, has been proven to be a key strategy for all certification takers.

IT certifications exams can be hard to pass and require a lot of studying and practice. This is why technology corporations like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and many more provide official study materials and practice tests to help students prepare for success.


What are practice tests?


A practice test is an informal exam that simulates the actual test and aims to better prepare you for what to expect on the real exam. Simply put, it gives you better chances to score an excellent result on the real exam.


Why should you take a practice test before the real exam?


  • Find your strengths and weaknesses: The practice exams are a great way to learn from your mistakes and to focus future learning on the weak points that you identify. They could also show you which areas you have already mastered.
  • Get full score reports and feedback: If you need guidance, this is the way to go. The tests offer thorough explanations of the correct and incorrect answers.
  • Fill in your knowledge gaps: This is a proven and successful technique for faster learning.
  • Reduces fear and anxiety: The accurate replication of real exam conditions that the practice tests provide can reduce your stress before and during the actual exam.
  • Gain confidence: The tests give you confidence in your knowledge, allowing you to know what to expect, and how to manage your time productively.
  • Track your time: Timing is a key element in getting closer to passing a certification. Practice tests can help you understand how much time you will have to spend on each question.
  • Reinforced learning: Taking a test can be more beneficial to passing the exam than spending the same time going over again the same study materials.
  • Kickstart your career: Taking a practice test, prepared by experts in the field, is a logical and necessary step to passing the certification exam and launching your career as an IT specialist.


Why are MeasureUp’s practice tests better?


  • Mapped to the exams: Each MeasureUp practice exam is tailored to mimic and have the exact same structure as the real exam.
  • Complete coverage of exam objectives: Each practice test includes all the exam objectives covered in the vendor outlines.
  • Practice test - Pass Guarantee: If you are unable to pass a vendor’s exam twice after purchasing a MeasureUp practice test, with our practice test - pass guarantee, you will be able to get a full refund of your practice test price.
  • High-quality tests: Our tests are written by experts in the same fields who have real-world experience and are extremely knowledgeable.
  • Comprehensive explanations: Whether you answer a question correctly or not, you will receive an explanation of why that answer was correct or incorrect.
  • Online references: For every question, you will have additional resources where you will be able to receive additional study assets.
  • Online/offline capabilities: Be able to study on the go, with or without the internet, thanks to the MeasureUp download version.

In MeasureUp’s catalog you can find the most accurate learning materials to prepare for IT certifications, including Microsoft’s official practice tests.