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Assesments for IT certification exams

Ready to get certified?

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More than 100 ITPro
assessments available

You can easily identify your level of readiness for the official exam with our new assessments!

Discover which are your improvement areas and prepare for the certification!

Who our assessments are targeted for?

It’s difficult to know when you have acquired the sufficient level of preparation in order to sit for
a vendor certification.Why guess then? Take this quick and easy step to evaluate your
readiness and see where you strong and whether you may need a little more prep.

Before you begin preparing

Before starting with your preparations for your certification, the MeasureUp assessments will help you to verify your starting level and what areas of knowledge you should prepare or reinforce.

After preparing

Find out if you are ready to take the certification exam and use a MeasureUp assessment as your best option. If you don`t get the desired outcome, buy a practice test and guarantee your success

...and if you are an organization


Assess your team to verify who needs more training so that you can upskill your workforce.


An easy way to compare all candidates level in different subject areas.


You can access at any time, from anywhere and with any device.

If you need to assess your level more than once, each new assessment comes with random different questions.

Questions cover the objective areas with a similar level of difficulty as the vendor exam.

The experience is very similar to the certification exam so you will be better prepared and more confident on the day of the exam.

What happens if you are not ready?

No worries! Easily upgrade your assessment purchase to a full Practice Test product...

Assessments for organizations

MeasureUp®️ the leading provider of certification practice tests and assessments for the preparation of ICT certification exams from major technology manufacturers

Human Resources

Evaluate your candidates` technical knowledge with the MeasureUp®️ assessments and reduce hiring times


Our assessments will help your education center by moving all your exam, evaluations and assessments from paper to difital


Validate your employees` skills by detecting those who need training plans increasing their effectiveness in a shorter time.

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Discover how to create and distribute your own assessments.

Contact us to learn about our Authoring Tool and Assessment Builder for custom projects.

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