Training Centers

MeasureUp solutions are instructor-friendly and serve to help your students pass certification exams. Our complete line of Desktop and Technical practice tests and job role assessments are served up independently or bundled with your courseware to expand your training and development programs. Interested in becoming an Authorized Reseller? Contact us today to discuss best solution for your center.


Online ordering and reporting

Each Authorized Reseller receives a secure user login to access account information and instructions, marketing, sales information, newsletters and much more.

*  Easy to use shopping cart for product orders
*  Descriptive product instructions that can be emailed or printed
*  Complete record of all orders by date, time, product, etc.
*  Detailed user information such as name, email and company
*  In depth test history broken down by product, objective or question
*  Group reporting for all assessments by user, subject or summary
*  Ongoing product updates

Instructor Friendly Access

MeasureUp practice tests are feature rich, and provide instructor-friendly tools with convenient classroom or online delivery to help students efficiently progress toward certification success.

*  Allow instructors to plan training based on skill level
*  Track and demonstrate learning through pre- and post- assessments
*  Help instructors prepare students for on-the-job technical skills and certification
*  Make sure students are in the right class
*  Provide study tools
*  Use in the classroom – active, engaging content

Technical Assessments

MeasureUp's Technical Assessments are ideal to test candidates during the interview process to guarantee you "know what they know".

Desktop Assessments

MeasureUp uses "Live-in-the-Application" technology to assess a candidate's ability to perform tasks within actual Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).

Contact our Solutions Team today and learn how your center can become an authorized reseller, here.